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Hesitbaron Togwaggle now has 10 Armor. Advanced Duels Guide - With Example Decks And Treasure Tier Lists! The fact that Illidari Strike summons Rush minions usually doesnt matter unless the first kills the target and you still have your second one to attack something else. WebBest Passive Treasure: For a Rogue Maneuver deck, Group 1s best choice is Pillage the Fallen. If you feel that you dont need the removal, Sr. Excavator can be an amazing draw option for minion heavy decks or Brann's Saddle if many of them are Beasts. If you drafted sub-parr cards, youll either end up with too many weak minions or have to lose tempo by playing them to free up hand space. Aside from passives, there is no Arcane specific support. Treasure Pool Updates. Expedited Burial makes high impact Deathrattles easier to combo with and can be played far earlier. New "Recruits" is a great tool in general that functions really well in any tribe-centric strategy such as Murlocs or Mechs. While Starving isnt as bad as All Shall Serve since Hunters have fewer draw options, relying on Beasts dying to get it is not the best plan. Guardian Light definitely has potential, giving you minions for using spell school that doesnt usually provide much tempo if any. Please enable JavaScript to get the best experience from this site. And sometimes you run Stonehearth Vindicator to draw one and play right away, which doesnt give you a minion at all. The Mana Discounting Treasures have too minor of an effect to really make the most of it. Its almost always used alongside Gift of the Legion as a repeatable way to gain Attack; usually working as a substitute for the other 2 Hero Powers. Starting Treasure: Killmox, the Banished One. Tier 4: Mask of Mimicry and Golden Kobold replace most or all of the cards in your hand, which you dont always want since youll typically be holding onto other Treasures for later. But when they added him as an actual card, the picture changed too. However, Blood Death Knight has easy access to Vampiric Blood via drafting, Discovering, or otherwise. Phaoris Blade mana adjusted from 4 to 5. Most legendary minions only work within a certain kind of deck, especially class ones. Fire! There are few Nature spells that deal damage and even fewer that are good. Ol' Faithful and Titan-Forged Grapnel are excellent removal tools, where the former is extremely aggressive and the ladder being great for control. Tier 4 - Niche Passives that are either drastically underpowered or a little too specific to recommend unless you built your entire deck around it. Royal Gift and Theyre just too slow and make you use two worse versions before you actually get the good effect. But if you happened to be running roughly 5 or more, its a fantastic way to get your expensive cards out earlier or make combos easier to use. Shamans have so many AOE Spells to take advantage of, so those combined with good Spell Damage minions can keep the opponents board under control while you set up yours. They run as many as possible to maximize the effect and draft every Soulciologist Malicia as possible. Its fairly good letting you distribute damage multiple times in a controlled way, and leaves you with 1/1s with reborn for board presence and extra corpses. It just takes some work to get the cards where you want in your hand. Its stats are enormous for sure, but its very vulnerable to removal. Loyal Henchman and Clockwork Assistant are no more than slowly scaling cheap beatsticks, but they can get pretty big late game/run. Royal Gift and Location, Location, Location have been moved to Treasure Pool 2. Secrets get decent bucket support. Firekeepers Idol is a relatively low-impact passive (as 1/2 minions with no effects dont do much), but it provides an extra resource in your hand as well. Ironweave Bloodletter is just healing, which is underwhelming in most scenarios but can keep you alive long enough against aggro to get your combos if youre spending a ton of corpses. V2, Scarlet - Blood Death Knight Duels Example (Lich King), Sai Frost Death Knight Duels Example (Lich King), 12 Wins Sai Unholy Death Knight Duels Example (Lich King), https://hsreplay.net/replay/SeH45QtqVkBLUM2QE73CCC, Rush decks are fairly viable in Duels thanks to, If you arent using your cannon very often, then, Spells the play tons of spells to trigger, Druids ability to draw and generate cards and. Emerald Goggles offers a sizable discount to all types of cards, but if something gets stuck in the left side of your hand, the passive stops being valuable for a while. Currently, the top Paladin Duels decks revolve around Humble Blessings. helps token strategies and is also a potential removal tool for big threats. This can also specifically shutdown bomb Warriors most of the time. Theyre also a great secondary archetype for a deck so you dont have to be entirely reliant on one type of bucket. But those kinds of decks mostly summon vanilla minions with decent stats. You can also pile up on you decks strongest minions like Jace Darkweaver, Captain Galvangar, or Alexandros Mograine. Pure Cold is a usable finisher that can also spare you a turn of damage from weapon heavy decks like those with Pillage the Fallen. Blizzard a publi ce soir le patch notes complet de la mise jour 26.0.4 pour Hearthstone. is a nifty generic Hero Power that most decks are capable of using on some level. DrekThar and Vanndar have wildly different strategies between their Hero Powers and treasures because of their whole gimmick of being accessible to 5 classes. *Heavy Armor doesnt do anything to push you towards winning by itself. It is also a pool 2 passive treasure in Duels. Tier 2 - Extremely useful treasures that can turn the game around when used at the right time. Creator Notes: The fact that most of the minions are mechs is mostly for the internal support it has. Among the passives that were supposed to work with the Sunken City themes, the Treasures they gave them are lackluster. Several decks lack notable healing and most minions in Duels come with decent Attack, so a lot of them cant afford to take so many minion hits. Arcane Flux and Divine Illumination are great Treasures that provide free value and can sustain their own effects. However, Reno has the special attribute of being part Mage that allows him to play this minion and follow it up with something insane like Drakefire Amulet or Rune of the Archmage as early as turn 4! While Unlocked Potential has the possibility of decreasing you minions Attack, youll most likely be offered it as an option if most or all of your minions would gain Attack. As a legendary minion, you can even get an extra copy of the buffed crab with Disks of Legend. Seafloor Gateway can achieve the same thing in Mech Mage, and Paladins can handbuff all those extra Mechs you get from even more burst stats to Magnetize onto your minions. However, this value entirely relies on the effects your minions have since their stats arent going to make much of an impact. Fortunately, Hero Powers like Frost Shards and Bring on Recruits can just add stuff to your hand for the sole purpose of turning the minions into something much more useful. Youll spend most of your turn just getting the treasure, and still might not even be able to play it. Rogue was a safe class to put Swiftscale Trickster in because of the classs general lack of majorly impactful high cost spells. Staff of Pain can really push the progress and value of The Demon Seed. Battle Tactics reigns as one of the strongest of the newer Hero Powers. Currently, the most used Hero Power for Demon Hunters at the moment has been Illidari Strike. Are you wanting to play Duels but having trouble getting started? Rogues havent had many minions that are big on their own, so try to add minions whose real value is in their effects. - (Non Passive) 60,852 views Nov 6, 2020 Zalae and I got together today to figure out which non passive treasures are the best of The massive cost of Black Soulstone offsets the efficiency that makes treasures good in the first place. Hematology has potential, but it spends corpses like crazy. Its a pretty control oriented Hero Power, so it allow you to stack up effects like. Legendary Loot can give you amazing early advantage if you get your hands on the right weapon, like Woecleaver or Twig of the World Tree. Wax Rager is the stickiest minion alive and can slowly deal 5 damage a turn endlessly if your opponent doesn't have a way to specifically get rid of it. You can also run cards with effects when discarded to even gain even more advantage. They both encourage you to play two cheap minions/spells then follow it up with a big one that acts as a giant mana cheat. Occasionally Embercaster can be a game changer, but it needs to be combod with just the right card. Hesitbaron Togwaggle now has 10 Armor. With all the hard removal in Duels, a little bit of extra Health doesnt matter very much. To control The strategies are pretty straight forward; take advantage of self-damage effects. Finley has some fairly versatile Hero Power that arent necessarily tied to a specific game plan, but they are particularly more useful in certain ones. Duels Advanced Guide - With Deck Lists and Treasure Tiers, Duels: Practical Guide to go Infinite in HC Duels, Mysteries of the Phoenix: Warrior and Rogue, Mysteries of the Phoenix: Druid and Hunter, Embrace the Pain - Free New/Returning Player Deck. A lot of Duels decks are capable of securing the win before you get to turn 10. Inexorable Ghoul is a simple minion thats just annoying for your opponent, but by no means bad. Creator Notes:This is built with the better Totems and support for it (mostly like an Even Shaman). Realistically, Mages are the only ones who can pull this off. Branns most notable Hero Power is Dino Tracking, which almost any deck would love to have. Creator Notes: Basically everything is removal or gives you more stuff. Treasure Pool Updates. Treasure Pool Updates. Spyglass can snag a useful card for a mana efficient price a reliable amount of the time. Princess is a pretty good Deathrattle support Treasure, but its lack of instant impact makes it a little slow for Duels unless you can make use of it right away like if you have Rocket Backpacks or brought Death Games. The only instance of this being the go-to pick is when running Royal Greatsword for the targeted draw and being able to use it a turn early. Webhearthstone duels passive treasures tier list; Se realiza descacharrizacin en la Gustavo Daz Ordaz; Se realiza jornada de descacharrizacin en la Manuel Ramrez; Contina vacunacin contra la rubola y sarampin; Se realiza jornada de Remembrance of Ice and Gluth-sicle can be reasonably usable board reloads, though the former wants you to use your spells to kill instead of going face like Frost Death Knights tend to do and the ladder requires specific deckbuilding or luck to be a big swing. All of the Warrior Hero Powers are offensive and defensive capabilities in their own right. is consistently twice that damage. Robe of the Magi gives a massive boost to all damaging spells, making even the weakest of them extremely efficient. This weapon also has some hidden secrets to it. But with 2 damage AOE attached to a ton of your spells makes it very difficult for your opponent to establish a board. Loyal Sidekick is a simple large taunt minion, that is pretty much always a tempo play, but doesn't usually do more that block some damage and maybe attack once or twice. Shaman - Just like any other powerful spell at Shamans disposal, Warlock - Despite not being known for running lots of spells, even Warlocks can use Harness the Elements to gain the value of their, Mage - It should be no surprise how well Mages can use Harness the Elements. Theyre not too hard to build, but we still want to a specific build for each Rune type. Tier 2: Avenging Armaments is good for the same reason only Paladin specific. Mega salty? Gaining Attack just doesnt matter that much in Duels unless youre also gaining Health to make it harder to remove. WebHearthstone Duels 12-1 Priest (5225 MMR) (Shadow Mend | Shadow Word: Void) March 3, 2022 Hearthstone Duels 12-2 Priest (6540 MMR) (Shadow Mend | Herald of the Scaled Tier 5 - Passives that are so inconsistent with their value, they can actively harm you. Royal Gift is an excellent finisher. Running only Nature spells and Elementals has proven to be really good thanks to. Getting twice as many minions is fantastic, but there is no added efficiency to playing them like other doubling passives. A pair of free 3/3s per Fel spell is great, but the way in which you get it is pretty slow for what you need to be able to do to keep up in a Duels game. Ancient Reflections, Bag of Holding, and Mask of Mimicry have been temporarily removed from all Treasure Pools. Its likely that this was done to make low-rolling a zero Attack weapon less of a problem, as there were no innate problems with the passive. Luckily, most minions fit this category. Its still very good, the previous two are just easier to use. They arent flashy, but mana discounting is everything in Hearthstone. Updated: 3rd of February. Ring of Refreshment is a generally weaker version of Stargazing, but is still useful in the same ways. Tier 4 - Lackluster effects that wont be super game-changing very often. Corrupted Felstone finally provides a sizable handbuff that might be worth considering. However, this is a very slow effect and most Dragons don't really need the extra stats. Hagatha's Embrace is still one of the slower secondary passives, but doubling the handbuff value makes it a decent competitor for the secondary passive slot. The only thing holding these Treasures back is the lack ways to abuse Holy spells and the complete lack of support Arcane ones. Paladins (and to an extent Priests) have a decent amount of Holy spell support. The third version of these cards are the only ones really worth being called treasures. Gaining cheap copies of your minions with Shadowcasting 101 is definitely useful. Is there something you think I missed or have a strategy you'd like to share? WebHearthstone Duels Treasures Tier list. Pirates currently dont have any secondary passives they can consistently abuse. Hero Powers & Signature Treasures; Duels Class Tier List; Full List of Duels Deck Theres just a lot of Treasures that may not do as much, but can be played a lot earlier and can keep you from falling behind in the first place. Soul Fragments have direct synergy with each other, consistent bucket support, and do well alongside Battlecry related treasures. Not every deck can make use of their classs location. The first reward from Raid the Docks pulls a weapon out of your deck, which can give you guaranteed access to Ol' Faithful if you have no other weapons! Staff of Pain was okay on its own and is prone to backfiring. It's strictly a Win-More card, which aren't very good on their own. Unstable Magic can totally shut down some decks, like ones centered around Deathrattles. Its main limitation is in its Mana cost that prevents you from abusing it too much. Creator Notes: Now that Witchwood cards are available for starting decks, Warpath is a fantastic way to both progress the Questline and refresh the Hero Power. Tier 2 - Great Passives in general that can definitely help you throughout your run. WebDuels Class Tier List Hey guys, just wondering if there's any class tier list that is updated? I used to love duels, but the change in buckets killed it for me :(. Its good for any archetype thats control oriented, which applies to most decks people choose to run as Elise. 1500 XP Quest Trading - Play A Friend! You get the most value out of it when you break a 4 or 5-cost weapon, as they have some of the best possibilities to randomly equip. Roguish Maneuvers is also a good source of damage and gives you something to use your weapon cards with. Milling your opponent is also a niche way to use it if the opportunity arises.Dreamgrove Ring gives you the chance to load up your board with big and scary threats, but it robs you of the ability to do much else. Webcsu board of trustees live stream. It's especially abusable with Deathrattle triggering effects. One of the best ways to use this is alongside minions whose Deathrattles summon bigger things. Ancient Reflections, Bag of Holding and Mask of Mimicry have all been removed from all Treasure pools temporarily. Relics are hard to use in the beginning since you can only take one of each, but you can draft more and even get a Relic Vault from Location, Location, Location! Tiny Thimble is a regular Rush minion with vanilla stats, but gives you a Regular-Size Thimble, which is just a better Darius Crowley. Pure Neutral - With how many options youre cutting out when you eliminate class cards, you can afford to lean into gaining constant value from War Commands while For the Horde! With even more, it can become a cheap unavoidable source of 14 damage! The effect of Sow the Seeds by itself is Prince Keleseth without a deck restriction. Cookie's Ladle gives Murlocs the fuel it needs to keep up the pressure without having to rely on normal card draw for it. Tier 3 - Passives that have the potential to make a huge impact, but is heavily reliant on the game-state. Tier 5: Amalgamate is an inefficient way to get a big minion on the board. For decks that have a large portion of neutral minions it's basically Captured Flag plus cost Even though its a small bonus that doesnt seem to persist beyond your first turn, unconditional free card draw from Small Backpacks is extremely valuable; especially when you have game changers in your deck you want to dig for as early as possible. But when you're in that position, it's hard to establish a big enough board to take advantage of the Lifesteal. Mysterious Tome is arguably one of the best purely generic primary passives. All three deal damage, just in different ways. At face value, Bag of Stuffings potential for a complete hand reload is amazing. The only thing it really does is accelerate the game, which you can mulligan for accordingly. Tier 1 Passives Added Three Spell School-related Passive Treasures have been introduced in pool 1, and synergize respectively with Frost, Nature and Fire spells, This is aiming to heavily capitalize on Avenging Armaments. Warrior - As mentioned before, Warmasters Frenzy is very well-suited for Warriors. Silas Darkmoon now has 7 Armor at higher ranks, but his Armor has been increased to 12 Armor at lower ranks. Its independently good and can simply pick whichever Treasure best suits what you have at that point. Corrupt the Waters, Amalgam of the Deep,Battle Vicar,Manafeeder Panthara,Seafloor Savior,Sleetbreaker,Alliance Bannerman,Brilliant Macaw,Instructor Fireheart,Venomous Scorpid,Blademaster Okani,Crud Caretaker,Theotar, the Mad Duke,Hammer of the Naaru,Mutanus the Devourer. Hyperblaster can kill anything across multiple turns, which will make your opponent hesitate when they would otherwise play a highly statted minion. Single target removal plus a 10/10 sounds amazing on one card. Some people opt for Savage Secrets to gain the card advantage Hunters generally lack, only there arent really any treasures that can abuse Secrets as well as Deathrattles. Even then, those passives generally arent win conditions on their own. Both classes even have Secrets that work towards Sr. Tomb Divers Battlecry. hearthstone-decks.net Top Hearthstone Duels Decks that got 12 Wins - Top Starter Decks Find the newest and best Duels Decks - All featured Decks got 12 Wins in Hearthstone Duels!

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